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Carbon offset
inedible feedstock
advanced biodiesel
sustainable aviation fuels

© Kessler and the state of Israel


Carbon offset maintain carbon credits, inedible feedstock as a source for advanced biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuels, zero-emission green electricity based on inedible oil, bioethanol, biopolymers & green products



KESSLER's Zero-emission worldwide Plantations and production facilities command to produce high quantities of advanced biodiesel, marine fuel, and aviation fuels, matching the strict needed parameters of the EU oil companies and airlines and shipping companies.

We furnish an innovative, integrated solution to a range of current environmental problems with economic added value and a high return on investment backed by regulatory benefits. And we are focused on: ​

Environmental Restoration: Carbon plantations restoring poor land for agricultural use, stopping desertification, repairing damaged ecosystems, carbon offset by absorbing CO2

Renewable energy: Entirely green renewable energy sources from non-food, inedible feedstock, supply chain, and production procedures meet proper policies and ILUC.​

Kessler's solution is planting carbon plantations of our prime genetics, pioneer energy trees, a modern factory producing advanced biodiesel, marine fuel, second-generation biofuels, entirely green electricity.
In that way, Kessler and her partners implement the zero-emission economy policy, offsetting CO2 and obtaining carbon credits. Emissions reduction, energy efficiency, and carbon offsets are performed parallel, while project management is carried out sustainably, creating a zero-emission economy and zero-carbon energy.

The first carbon plantation in Israel

The first product in Israel of second-generation biodiesel

The first modern advanced biofuels factory in Israel

Exclusive partnership with the state of Israel

An exclusive solution to secure the future energy needs of any company or state

We address the urgent needs of fuel and energy firms in Europe, the middle east, and especially the Arab Gulf countries.

Clients and partners: Authorities and states, districts, transportation on land, air, and sea, fuel production and refining,  power plants, industrial zones, industrial plants, chemical & fertilizer industries, mines, food producers, agriculture


Kessler partners with the leading banks, investments, and financial firms, complying with them to access the market trends and needed activities: Carbon footprint, Carbon farming, Carbon financing, Carbon offset, Carbon emission reduction fund, renewable energy, sustainability, green banking, RED, ILUC, 1% for the planet, Corporate social responsibility, zero-emission economy, fulfill company policy, gaining public support. 

KESSLER Projects for the world Ltd.


Address: Kedoshey Kahir. 13/8

                 Holon 58309-10, Israel

Phone:    +972-50-3131200




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