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Kessler projects for the world 

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We are proud to indicate more than twenty years of success in refineries, petrochemicals, and bio-energy, experience underpinned by highly regarded qualifications in energy, oil, and gas production phases.

Our team specializes in developing and producing advanced biodiesel, biofuels, advanced aviation fuels, and jet fuels production, marine fuel, and green electricity produced from our energy trees carbon plantations. Our team built the first biodiesel installation in Poland and is a co-owner of the first biodiesel patent in Poland.

Experience in work and cooperation in the most significant European refinery and petrochemical companies. Creating from scratch the biofuel industry in Central and Eastern Europe together with developing quality standards for biofuels.


Advanced biodiesel

Advanced biofuels

Air-Jet-Aviation fuels

Marine fuels


Green electricity

Carbon plantationsgGree

carbon credits

Long term contracts

Activity and news

  • The first carbon plantation in Israel and the middle east, created jointly by Kessler projects for the world and the state of Israel.

  • We are creating the first products of advanced biodiesel, advanced sustainable aviation fuels, and marine fuels and establishing the first production facility in the region.

  • Registration and patenting of products and production processes of new generation advanced biofuels based on our inedible Pongamia oil, advanced biodiesel, bioethanol, and only green zero-emission electricity.

  • Partnership with the state of Israel on advanced IP, Pongamia genetics, the smart and most profitable carbon plantations /energy plantations model, and pioneer agrotechnical methods, Securing the future energy & food sources of states, authorities, industrial zones, entities, and companies.

  • Following all the standards and ultimately matching the zero-emission economy policy, the EU oil companies' exact needs and requested parameters address the ever-growing demand for feedstock and biomaterials for biofuels and ready renewable energy products as aviation biofuels, marine fuel, bioethanol, biopolymers, etc.

  • Development of the most appropriate genetic variation of an energy tree resistant to extreme climatic conditions. A high yield genetic variety that, its fruits, are the source of inedible oil to produce biofuels, pre-ordered by the EU oil and energy companies. A by-product is a high-value plant protein in substantial quantities, available for pre-order by food firms.

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