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Carbon credits and advanced aviation fuels

Carbon Credits and aviation fuels Aviation accounts for around 2.5% of global CO2 emissions, but its overall contribution to climate change is higher. This is because air travel does not only emit CO2: it affects the climate in several more complex ways. The global aviation emissions pact indicates which directions are necessary to reduce emissions: · Fly more efficient aircraft. · Use new technologies to set more efficient flight paths and reduce delays. · Use sustainable lower-carbon alternative fuels. · Invest in emissions offsets within or outside of the aviation sector. At KESSLER PROJECTS FOR THE WORLD LTD, we have actively engaged in specific activities aimed at improving the situation. Soon, in May 2021, in the territory of the state of Israel, the first pilot plantation of energy trees, fast-growing trees that absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, will be created. Thanks to this, our company will be able to generate Carbon Credits, and thus, in line with the CORSIA program, we will support the aviation industry in the fight against global warming. At the same time based on our inedible bio-raw material, our company will implement its experience and knowhow, develop and create the first low-emission aviation fuel in Israel.

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